Sim Job – Data Processing using LISP

Description :

Sim job is a collection of machines that function to process a number of jobs on a certain number of machines with a certain time. If many jobs that have the same priority while the other job is being processed, another job that must wait until the job is processed fully processed. If there is a job that has a higher priority than other jobs so if there is another job that processed the job that has a higher priority will be waiting at the first order, although the actual job that has a higher priority are located on the last thread but if the job that has a priority this is higher early in the process have the time same time as the job that has a lower priority job of it then that has a higher priority will first be processed. If there is a job that has the same priority and have the same initial time with a faster processing time than the other one then that will be done first is a job that has a faster processing time, but if the process is the same time then that will do is free.


Summary :

  1. LISP can be used to process the data processing
  2. Time effectivity to process data is quite efficient because program run in cheap code and runtime library


ScreenShoot :


Team includes :

  • Alfian Ramadhan
  • Aldinal Rachman
  • Fadita Cahyaning Putri
  • Ardy Pratama

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