Simple Spreadsheet using C

Description :

Spreadsheet application is a type of computer application that simulates a working paper(worksheet). Applications of this type are generally characterized by the appearance ofshaped collection of cells that together form a kind of grid consisting of rows and columns.One cell can contain alphanumeric value (text) or numeric values ​​(numbers). Cells also can contain a formula / formula that states how the value of a cell can be calculated.Spreadsheet application is very often used for financial purposes primarily because of its ability to perform automatic recalculation of the entire worksheet if there is a change to thevalue of one cell. Examples of well-known spreadsheet application is Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc, and Lotus 123.


Team includes :

  • Alfian Ramadhan
  • Chita Najmi
  • Renard Xaviero
  • Wira
  • Rano



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