Multiplication “Two Numbers” Hexadecimal Using SPIM

Description :

In this great task required to make a SPIM program that can display multiplication processas above. But in this great task, multiplication is a multiplication between the twohexadecimal numbers. The program asked for input two hexadecimal numbers to bemultiplied, then the program will display the multiplication process. Input numbers ending with character ‘.’ (Dots). Letters A through F are used in the hexadecimal number is a capital letter. The position of figures should be straight fit the multiplication process.


Solution :

With the above description of the problem, solutions can be given to designing an appropriate program can be solved using the concept of multiplication and addition that has been taught since elementary school (SD). The core of the problem is how to cultivate andmanage strings and integers that can be set to display the expected form.
Of existing problems, things that concern is that there is text stored, there is a pattern you are looking to be matched with the text, knowing the position of the patterns that exist in the text, there are facilities replace, and can display text results back to replace. Systematically,the analysis is represented in the diagram. Here’s a diagram that represents the workflowof the program that has been made​​, starting from the beginning to the end.


Team includes :

  • Alfian Ramadhan
  • I. Nyoman Prama Pradnyana
  • Ricardo Pramana Suranta

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