Simple Language Compiler Using C

Description :

By using theory of formal languages ​​and automata, we can find out whether a program syntax is correct or not. In this task, we will implement the theory learned into an application that can check the truth of the syntax of a simple program code. This application will open a file containing simple syntax of the program and then check if all the syntax of the program is valid or not. If invalid then the application will issue a line of information that causes fallacious things happened.

Solution :

By answering the question above, we use a push down automaton which is derived from context-free-grammar. Then we determine whether syntax appropriate or not. We consider a program code as an input language on the pushdown automaton as accepted program if the final stack is empty. If so, then congratulating message will appear. Otherwise, it will display an error message noting how many rows to the first error appeared.

ScreenShoot :

Compiling from text

Team Includes :

  • Alfian Ramadhan
  • Abdurrahman Dihya R

One thought on “Simple Language Compiler Using C

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