Battle Pong Game Using TASM

Description :

Big task this time is making Battle Pong game using TASM Asemmbly language. In theReport of the Great Commission will discuss the program modules and restrictions on programs that have been made.


Solution :

Battle Pong program this time the game is a program similar to Ping-Pong game. The program uses two beaters. This beater can be moved to the right and left using keyboard. For players 1 control is the ‘→’ to the right and ‘←’ to go left. While the players 2 control is ‘a’ to the right and ‘d​​’ to go left. The first ball will be attached to hammer thrower one.

The game begins when the bat where the ball is moved to the right or left. The movement will cause the ball flew towards the other players. If the player fails to reflect the ball he received, then the opposing player will earn points. If the points from one player reaches 5 then the player is declared victorious and the program stops. The player canpause the program by pressing the space bar () to stop the game by pressing the escapekey (Esc).


Team includes :

  • Alfian Ramadhan
  • I. Nyoman Prama Pradnyana
  • Ricardo Pramana Suranta

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