M-IDAM is developed from original Model named IDAM (Integrated Dam Assessment Model), which made by Desiree Tullos, Bryan Tilt, Philip Brown, Darrin Magee and Aaron T. Wolf from Oregon State University & Hobart and William Smith College, USA.

M-IDAM used to analyze the cost and benefit of the dam whether for a new dam or the existing dam based on certain criteria and sub criteria.

M-IDAM developed by Independent Monitoring and Evaluation (IME) Team on Dam Operational Improvement and Safety (DOISP) Project, under direction of Indonesian National Planning Board (Bappenas)

DAM Project

M-IDAM developed by :

Ir. M. Donny Azdan, MA., MS., Ph.D (Advisor)

Abdul Malik Sadat Idris, ST., M.Eng (Advisor)

Deny Ramadhani, ST., MT (WRM Expert)

Dr. Eugenia Mardanugraha, S.Si., ME (Economic Expert)

M. Aulia Rahman, SE., M.Ec.Dev. (Junior Economic Expert)

Maman Rustaman, SP (Junior WRM Expert)

Alfian Ramadhan (Programmer)

Restu Arif Priyono (Programmer)

Dimas Gilang Saputra (Programmer)


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