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designs. inspirations. innovations.

That’s the header and the brands of the site. This kind of blogspot stuff is the blog that contains many articles, but it’s not just as an ordinary blog. The articles also the beautiful images they used so eye catchy to see, though. The way they show the layout and the sight was so amazing and creative. The contents are about images and a bit quoted text, like 9gag, tumblr, naga, 1cuk, and similar like that. Well mostly, the contents predominantly by the images containing quotes or beautiful design or inspiration on it.

Furthermore, some kind of special thing from this stuff is how the way they look. We can see the site with various view of layout as we can choose. Their sight can we see as the option below:

  1. Classic
  2. Flipcard
  3. Magazine
  4. Mosaic
  5. Sidebar
  6. Snapshot
  7. Timeslide

Curious, isn’t it? Let’s see deeply thoroughly one by one 😀



This way of the look is viewing blog similar design with tumblr way. This sight is seen just as usual view that we are used to see nowadays, it sounds yes if you were always standing on your laptop along of the day watching out all of the media social as you run all the rest of your day. This called classic view, like the usual look that usually we see.


FlipcardThe second one is flipcard. As they give the name, we can see post like just the cards, but wait until you hover on the images, it will be flipped like you flip the cards. This kind of view make you realize that the website nowadays is really dynamic, full of animation and beautiful sight.


MagazineIf we heard about the magazine, yeah, it looks like the big pictures, and the explanation below of it. Like the view of this site, big pictures and some description also the date of the post.


MosaicMosaic, uncommon way to represent the big pictures, spreading like the puzzle, and each pictures on each puzzle. But on this site, mosaic view looks like the plenty of images positioned closely each other with the metro style of Windows 8 if you know. This fresh design present the square like a box containing box.


SidebarLike the name, this view focused on the left side that can contain the list of articles on it and the right side that contain the article that currently viewed. This left and right side technique give us a simple view of the site so it’s not quite hard to see all those of the articles while we read the one article.


SnapshotSnapshot! Remember of the camera from the phone or LSR camera if you have. Like shooting the scene, make the post of article like the slice of photo we take from the camera. Square box is enough as a wrapper of the photo so we can see it just like the album photo.


TimeslideIt’s quite simple if we see the post arranged by time. Like facebook timeline, this site also treat the post as well like arranged by timeline posting. Easy to find the post by time and date, like stalking to your friends thoroughly time by time 😀


Well, fantastic, isn’t it? So far, that’s all the way how they can be seen. The last facility that mighty you can use is the “search” and also you can give they the feedback. Actually, those things are really important that other site rarely have.


We are closely to the part that was the end of my review. Overall in my opinion, there are good and bad from the site. Yes of course, if we talk about “Review”, it ought to be has the good and bad things from the stuff. Well, let’s see then 😀

Good Side 🙂

  • Various and Creative view of layout, how the way they can be seen, and each view was so amazing!
  • Simple design is better than the beautiful one inside the super complex wrapper that hard to be understand
  • Strong brand at the top of header, make me know what’ll you show up to me
  • User experience, the most important thing so that user get impressed, they can navigate everywhere with so much fun and the cool animation also

Bad Side >:-l

  • The default view is flipcard, which is need really long time to load all of the images, make the browser hard to catch up the site
  • The important menu including ‘about me’, ‘archive’, etc, is placed in the opposite side of the usual place for that things. It is placed on the right side of the view and a little bit hidden, so it’s not so easy to find that.

So, the conclusion is, as they give the name of the site, “tinsiders”, trend, insight, design, inspirations, and innovations, those all the words depict how the way they join the one of internet population. With the cool idea on it, although they have the bad thing, but that’s not matter with the good things their put the effort on. The design, also the creative idea how they can make the viewer impressed about their site, makes the bad things covered as the white things defeat the black things.

So, what do you waiting for? Just give it try. Please apologize me because it is the end part of my review. Please understand me like the one this site’s article said, “If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business”


Thanks for your read by this far 😀

Have a good day!


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