Political Leaders

Nowadays, political issues have affected our way to perceive the greatness of their leader. Although big challenges faced by nations depict the greatness of the leader, it has nothing to do without skills and abilities of their leader. Practically, any complicated problems can not be solved if the leader has less experiences and competences. Furthermore, solving challenges and problems should also be supported by other side of human characters so that the determination of leader’s greatness is not only performed by the scale of challenges.

First and foremost, it is commonly known that tougher problem requires higher skills and abilities. Simply, this world is not a playground where only lucid problems are found. In fact, people notice leader’s charm from their capability not only how big the problem is. Furthermore, it is implausible if a nation has to face big problems led by a leader with equivocal goals.

However beyond the required capability, the leader needs not only skills and abilities but also extra characters soul such as an excessive fervor for striving complicated issues, huge optimist decision, and high stability of mental. In fact, soft skills are really important due to complicated problems mostly require not only hard or technical skills but also beyond of that. For instance, World War, humanity issues, nuclear problems, are defined as advances phenomena which has to be solved by highly experienced leaders. Consequently, the country is more likely has no choice if they have such a leaders having no capability in those skills.

While it may now be clear, leading is not easy, big problems do not contribute to perceiving a great leader, but how strong is the leader capability of facing the problem itself that has to be considered. Additionally, although leaders has fully equipped of hard skills and abilities, it will have never enough unless they have a good deal of capability in soft skills as well.


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