Python in Windows 8

There are two alternatives to have our python code worked in Windows 8 machine which are desktop apps and metro apps.

  1. Python (version 2.7.6 or 3.3.3)
    I prefer using Python 2.7.6 since it is stable and still fit with my needs. However, eventually Python 3.3.3 may offer more capabilities.Downloadable stuff can be found here:

    I would rather code my works by using most common text editor which is Notepad which is default text editor in every Windows machine. But, there is other alternative which also can be really useful and easy to use which is Sublime.

    Sublime Text Editor can be downloaded here

    This option could offer you different design and layout so many of my friends migrated to this text editor.

  2. Python 3 for Metro (Metro Apps)
    By using this apps, we can do python code as we use Python IDE in desktop applications. However, This Metro apps is not really stable, so I do not code with it really often. Nevertheless, perhaps it will be useful for coding in tablet or particular Windows 8 machine.

Coding Style

Coding Python could be really more fun if we meet some interesting problems or challenging sections. My comfortable environment for coding Python is by using suitable text editor (ex. Sublime or Notepad) and directly run the file by using double click attack. However, the command prompt machine will suddenly close as you run the python file if we forget to put something at the end of the program. Specifically, I usually call a prompt by using raw_input(“Press enter to close…”). Thus, those simple practical things could be more fun to code whole days.


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